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Welcome to "2paq MTA:SA Race Server" official website
2paq one of the longest running server (since 2006) for a multiplayer modification called Multi Theft Auto
This website provides the information about the server (like statistics) and allows exchange information between it's players.

By playing on the server You accept the server rules!

By registering on this website You accept the forum rules!

Hope You enjoy Your stay and see You in the game!

Apparently the host terminated the server in Olsztyn and mowed out data to Warsaw... This has happened somewhere before 19.09.2017 (we where apparently using a dead service since that time) so all the files uploaded to the server since that date are lost...

The worse part is that the database was somehow corrupted again (the file moved by the host, automatic backup and my last manual backup - all can't be opened...) The last working database is from 22.08.2017 and was uploaded to the server.

I have restored the server banner and server stats page on this website, please add the new server IP to your favorites in the server browser.

The only info about the localization change that i found was in the hosting panel (I did not visited that site for a long time - there simply was no need to), I triple-checked my email and did not found any notifications that something like this was planed.

Please let me know if there are any new problems with the server.

2paq Server
EDIT 30.07.2017:
The League is suspended for now...
Results HERE
Next Stage 30th July 18:00 CET - PAIRS

As some of you may already know, we are changing the format of the 2RT events (the results from the previous format are available in the news article below this one).

The first stage starts 9th of July 2017 (Sunday) Time 18:00 CET!

The rules:
-Players will participate in 1 vs 1 duels, each duel is played on 4 maps do draws are possible.
-Each map in a duel will be from different category (Street, Circuit, Offroad and Bikes - in that order.)
-First player picks a map from the Street category in first round, secund player picks a map from the Circuit category in the secund round, first player picks a map from the Offroad category in the third round and finally secund player picks a map from the Bikes category in the forth round.
-Each player has only 30 s to pick the map, if he fails to select a map in that time - the other player will make the pick!
-The order of players (who is first and second) is decided by the referee.
-Only Admins with access to the tournament script can be referees, but they can't be referees during their own duels.
-If someone is unable to participate on the set date and time - it is possible to to consult this with the player You will be dueling with and select a date that maths both.
-Not participating in a duel on the set date without giving any reason nor attempting to consult it will result with a penalty point.
-Points system: Victory = 3 points, Draw = 1 point, Defeat = 0 points, Penalty = -1 point.

List of maps in every category: HERE
List of player pairs: HERE (First stage - completed)
Additional questions can be asked HERE
2paq Server
Since we are changing the format from normal races to 1v1 League I decided to make a little summary of the 'First Season'.

There was 11 planned 2RT events out of witch 8 took place as planned, 2 were canceled and 1 was replaced with a Fun War vs IDC.
2RT Event First Edition
2RT Event Second Edition
2RT Event Third Edition
2RT Event Forth Edition - CANCELED
2RT Event Fifth Edition - VS IDC
2RT Event Sixth Edition
2RT Event Seventh Edition
2RT Event Eighth Edition
2RT Event Ninth Edition
2RT Event Tenth Edition (Phoenix)
2RT Event Eleventh Edition (Ours) - CANCELED

The General Classification (based on F1 points system):
1) Reiko -132
2) Wojak -90
3) JimLahey -81
4) BruceAlice -68
5) Ajgor -65
6) Wolfen -62
7) Magik -50
8) CukS -33
9) Jurek44 -22
10) DamianBrowar -18
11) jakub741 -18
12) Kenji -15
13) GeeNagy -12
14) ArtuR -12
2paq Server
2RT Event Fifth Edition was planed for today, but we gad some unexpected guests from IDC.
We decided to use the maps from the planed event.

The results from the final round:
Logs and tables available HERE!
Good news Everyone!
I've managed to recover all(I think) lost top times.

The bad news is that this is the only thing that i was able to recover...

To be safe i would like to ask you all to check for weird stuff related with top times, things like duplicate, wrong ordering, ect. (especially after restarting the maps) and report this ASAP.
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Wojak I have make a post to me member check it please

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Any admin can unbanned me I get ban from magik for 12 hours idk why

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My account in ffs server is roaa I have make join request for 2RT in ffs pls accept me I [2RT]Jackson

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Street Outlaws Tournament: http://www.mta-rac

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Hello world Smile im free at streaming on 60fps now, contact me if you want see some your events on YT

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